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Tree planting


With the More Trees platform, you can plant trees for:

  • Yourself, as an individual
  • A business or business department
  • Others (such as customers, clients, employees and family)

There are four methods of planting on the platform:

  • Manual – planting directly on the platform (best when planting for yourself/business or a small number of people)
  • Bulk upload – uploading a spreadsheet/CSV file to the platform (best when planting for a larger number of people)
  • Automation – automatically planting trees (best when planting upon certain triggers)
  • Subscription – automatically planting trees every month

Before planting

Before planting on the platform, please make sure you have completed the following steps:

When planting for a business:

  • Added your company name to the user settings. This is the name displayed on your tree planting certificate

When planting for others:

  • Edited the sender details
  • Selected or created your own email template

Manual planting (aka Plant Now)

  • Use the main menu to navigate to: Trees > Plant trees > Plant now
  • Click any project to select the project you wish to plant in
  • Enter the number of trees you wish to plant
  • Select who you are planting for, either yourself/business or others
  • If planting for others, enter the name and email of the person(s) you are planting for
  • Click Plant

Bulk upload

  1. Use the main menu to navigate to Trees > Plant trees > Bulk upload
  2. Use the two buttons to download the:
    • Project ID spreadsheet – this is tells your the unique identifier for each tree planting project
    • Bulk spreadsheet – this is what you are going to populate
  3. Complete the downloaded Bulk spreadsheet with the following information:
    • Tree identifier – this is the project you want to plant in, taken from the Project ID spreadsheet you downloaded (e.g. most_needed)
    • Name – this is the name of the person you want to plant for
    • Email – this is the email of the person you want to plant for
    • Quantity – this is the number of trees you want to plant per person
  4. Save the spreadsheet and drag-and-drop it to the bulk upload page (or click to browse)
  5. Confirm on the pop-up that you want to proceed/plant
  6. Your trees will now be planted on the platform. You can return to this page for a status update
  7. Please note the following mistakes will prevent your spreadsheet from uploading/planting:

    • Duplicate email addresses
    • Formulas
    • Incorrect email addresses
    • Rogue spaces after email addresses
    • Insufficient tree planting credits


  1. Use the main menu to navigate to Trees > Plant trees > Subscribe
  2. Select a four, eight or custom subscription and click Next
  3. Select whether you are subscribing for yourself or others
  4. If subscribing for others, enter their name, email, and tree quantity, and Save details
  5. Save details and click Next
  6. Enter your payment details


You can automate tree planting on More Trees using either:


  1. Use the main menu to navigate to Settings > Plant history
  2. Browse, search, and download your previous certificates

Video guide

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