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Our Trusted Tree Planting Partner

More Trees works with Eden Reforestation Projects to plant trees in various projects across the globe

Eden's Impact To Date

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+977 million

Trees planted and protected

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Project sites in 10 countries

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Employees empowered with fair wages

Eden Reforestation Projects are our trusted tree planting partner. They're a non-profit organisation whose global reforestation projects start by connecting with local communities and building relationships with local leaders who want their environment to thrive. They put the local community at the center of the work, inspiring great commitment to reforestation and a sense of ownership to protect forests long term. By providing local communities with a steady source of income, Eden creates opportunity for economic self-sufficiency, improved health and education. Eden's tree planting projects align themselves directly with 10 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which unify and tackle social, health and economic inequalities, whilst protecting and preserving our plant.

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Our Chosen Eden Reforestation Projects

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Auditing Process

At More Trees, we are committed to transparency and accountability. Our tree planting partner undergoes a rigorous due diligence prodcess to ensure that the tree planting projects are monitored, tracked, and reported on effectively.

Extensive methods are put in place to monitor, track and report the tree planting such as:

Geotagged photos

Drone mapping

Random spot checks to determine survivorship

Permanent photo mapping

Socioeconomic impact surveys

Third party auditors, Preferred by Nature, have conducted independent verification audits on the projects to evaluate the ecological, economic, and social performance as defined by the established Ecosystem Restoration Standard.

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