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Kent, United Kingdom

Based just off the Dartford Crossing, one of the UK's busiest roads, this project is a prime example of reformed and regenerated land. High pollution levels make this an ultra-high emission zone, highlighting the importance of the tree planting.

Dartford, Kent

Planting partner: Time4Trees


Site coordinates: 51°26'47.3"N 0°15'15.9"E


Tree species: 7+ Tree Species, Oak, Beech, Silver Birch, Rowan, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Wild Service Tree


Planting seasons: October - May


CO2 Sequestration: 1.5t


UN SDGs: 3 – Good health and wellbeing: Air Quality Improvement and Mental Health Benefits, 4 - Quality Education: Environmental Education and Corporate Integration, 13 – Climate Action: Afforestation and Carbon Sequestration, 15 – Life on land: Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem Restoration



Dedicated to environmental stewardship, Time4Trees create new forests and environmental biodiversity in areas where they would otherwise not exist. Their sites not only enhance UK’s natural beauty, but work to improve air quality, and mitigate climate change through localised tree planting.


This project based in Dartford, is an excellent example of a piece of reformed and regenerated land. Positioned just next to the Dartford Crossing, the level of pollution in the area makes this an ultra-high emission zone and therefore an incredibly important location for tree planting. 


Working alongside local parish councils and accredited by Woodland carbon code, Time4Trees ensures responsible and sustainable management of their woodlands. This includes drone footage, and GPS tracking, ensuring tree health and longevity with a 10-year maintenance program.

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