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Liverpool, United Kingdom

The Mersey Forest plan work with local authorities and landowners to plant trees to meet the needs of the location, communities and long term tree and woodland health. All planting is in accordance with the UK Forestry standard, a government endorsed standard, setting out best practice relating to biodiversity, climate change, landscape, people, soil and water.

Merseyside, Liverpool

Planting partner: Arbor Day Foundation


Site coordinates: 53.4084° N, 2.9916° W


Tree species: Native e.g., English Oak, Cherry Plum, Rowan Mountain Ash, Scots Pine, Essex Hawthorn, European Beech


CO2 Sequestration: 1.5t


UN SDGs: 3 – Good health and wellbeing, 8 - Decent work and economic growth 10 - Reduced Inequalities 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production 13 – Climate Action, 15 – Life on land, 17 - Partnerships for the Goals


The Mersey Forest has planted over 9 million trees in Merseyside and North Cheshire, improving landscapes, lives, and the economy. This initiative involves collaboration among seven local authorities, Natural England, the Forestry Commission, the Environment Agency, and other public, private, and community organisations.


Home to 1.7 million people, The Mersey Forest aims to empower local communities, enhancing their quality of life and ensuring the sustainable use and appreciation of the woodland network. Tree planting and habitat creation on public and private land will be tailored to meet landowners’ needs, support tree health and resilience, and deliver multiple benefits for local communities. 


Planting is guided by various factors including landscape, heritage, biodiversity, soils, climate, agricultural land quality, green infrastructure needs, and Local Plans, adhering to the UK Forestry Standard. The planting strategy includes selecting appropriate locations, types of planting (individual trees, clusters, woodlands), species diversity, and seed provenance. It ensures legal compliance and good practices for sustainability, considering biodiversity, climate change, historic environment, landscape, soil, and water.

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