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British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is a province committed to sustainability and environmental conservation, implementing various initiatives to promote green practices, renewable energy and the protection of its rich biodiversity.

It coastline supports a diverse range of ecosystems, thanks to its intricate network of inlets, fjords and islands stretched along the Pacific Ocean.

Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Planting partner: Veritree

Site coordinated: 49.77872962,124.0795642) (49°46'43.4"N 124°04'46.4"W)

Forest type: Kelp

Kelp species: 3+ Kelp Species, Giant, Bull and Sugar Kelp

Planting seasons: November - December

CO2 Sequestration: 0.006t

UN SDGs: 13 – Climate action, 15 – Life below water

The Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, in particular, is the perfect location for kelp farms.

Kelp is a versatile algae, used as a food source, carbon store, medicine and craft material for centuries. However, despite their usefulness, kelp forests have declined significantly over the past five decades, owing to climate change, overexploitation and pollution.

In collaboration with Coastal Kelp, shíshálh, Tsleilwaututh, Squamish, Tla'amin First Nations and the Métis Nation BC, this project is restoring kelp forests in British Columbia to produce millions of Kelp Sporophytes that will help support climate action and life below water.

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