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Creating an account

  1. Complete the registration form at
  2. Log in with your email address and chosen password

User settings

  1. Use the main menu to navigate to: Settings > User settings
  2. Update or amend your settings, including:
    • First name and surname – of the account user
    • Company name (if applicable) – this is used for certificates and emails
    • VAT number (if applicable) – this is used for invoicing/receipts
    • Marketing opt in/out
    • Email planting confirmation to self on/off
    • Email planting confirmation to recipients on/off
    • Company address (optional) – this is used for invoicing/receipts

Connected email

  1. View your connected email address at Settings > User settings > Email
  2. To edit your connected email address, please email from your connected email address, with details of the new email address

Partner Resources

Use the partner resources section in the main menu to access:

Member Logos

Download a variety of member logos after planting 10 trees or more.

Website widget

Copy the HTML code to your website, to display your live tree count

Virtual forest

Enter a name to create your own virtual forest URL

Video guide

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