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Account Setup

Creating an account

  1. Sign up
    Create an acccount at

  2. Verify Email & create password
    You’ll be sent an email to your verify email address, follow the link on the email to set a secure password

  3. Login
    Using chosen email and password, login to More Trees.

  4. Choose Account Type
    Select either to create an individual or business account

  5. Choose Account/Business Name
    Name your account either your personal name, or business name. This name will be used on email templates and tree planting certificates.

    *Once logged in, you can edit in Account settings.

Profile settings

  1. Use the main menu to navigate to: Settings > Profile settings

  2. Update or amend your settings, including:
    • First name and surname – of the account user
    • Phone number
    • Default account – the selected account will be the account in which other users gift a tree to you using email address or MT code.
    • Marketing opt in/out

  3. If you wish to change password

  4. View all accounts that you are a member of, including associated account code, account type and role.

  5. Create account

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