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There are a variety of ways to pay on the More Trees platform:

Tree Planting

  • Pay as you go
  • Pre-loading your account with credits
  • Subscription

Pay as you go

To pay as you go, plant a tree via the Plant Trees section and follow the on-screen prompts where you will be asked to enter your payment details.

Pre-loading your account

Credits are a way to pre-load your account with funds, that are then deducted from when planting trees on the platform or via API.

To add credits to your account, navigate to the Credits section in the main menu, select the number of credits you would like to purchase and then proceed to payment by either debit/credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that bank transfers can take two-three working days to process.


When subscribing to monthly or annual tree planting, you will be prompted to enter your card details for payment to be taken automatically each month/year.

Monthly = 15% discount
Annual = 25% discount

You’ll be sent a reminder email 7 days prior to renewal for monthly subscriptions, and 30 days and 14 days prior to renewal for annual subscriptions.

Invoices and VAT receipts

You can access and download invoices by going to Settings > Payment History > Invoices.

Your invoice will detail all VAT information and can be printed by right clicking on the invoice and selecting Print.

If you require an invoice in advance of payment, please email your request to

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