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One tree planted for every Green Live attendee

We are excited to announce our partnership with this year’s Green Live, which will see us planting more than 12,500 trees in much-needed projects worldwide as part of their sustainable consumer events in Milton Keynes and London.

Planting 12,500 trees for ticket holders

We’ll be planting a tree for every Green Live MK ticket holder, up to a total of 12,500 trees.

What will 12,500 trees do? Well, they’ll go on to sequester an estimated 3,750 tonnes of CO2 over their growth life (the emissions of approximately 58 homes over one year), helping the fight against climate change.

But that’s not all.

They will also provide families with work and income, improve flood defences, soil quality, and crop yield for local communities, and reverse the devastating effects of deforestation on wildlife.

You can read more about the brilliant and far-reaching benefits of tree planting here.

Partnering with Green Live

Green Live is the event for the sustainable consumer, bringing a bright selection of eco-friendly businesses, services and speakers together across events in Milton Keynes and Westfield shopping centres.

The products we buy and consume have a significant impact on our environment and planet. Green Live will help you to ensure this impact is positive by allowing you to discover green brands, meet the people behind them and make better-informed choices when buying products and services.

And, the event itself will be entirely eco-friendly too – with a 100% digital marketing campaign, 100% recycled graphic panels and carpets, EarthPositive uniforms and, of course, a tree planted for every ticket holder.

The event

Milton Keynes: Centre:MK, Middleton Hall, MK9 3EP, 15-16-17 October 2021

London: Westfield London, Main Atrium, Shepherd’s Bush, W12 7GF

Tickets are free and can be booked directly on the Green Live website here. Every ticket booked will be accompanied by a free tree planted in your name.

Together, we can make a bigger and better impact.

For more information about Green Live, visit or email

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