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New tree planting platform updates

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MoreTrees platform updates

In our bid to help you plant one billion trees, we’ve been busy updating the platform to make tree planting in the UK (and beyond) as easy as possible.

So, we’re super happy to announce not one, but four new updates:


We’ve had fantastic feedback on how easy it is to plant trees in the UK so we wanted to make MoreTrees available worldwide.

Now, you can select Euros or Dollars as your main currency (in the user settings) and pay in your local tender.

Partner codes

Know someone who might be interested in paying for trees in Euros – or anyone else interested in planting trees for that matter?

Well, now we can give you a unique partner code, allowing you to refer new users and benefit when they plant.

Get in touch to find out more.

Warning messages

It turns out that we made tree planting a little too easy and some of you (rightly) weren’t prepared for your tree to be planted (or gifted) straight away.

So, we’ve added a little warning message that asks if you’ve updated your custom message and double-checked your giftees (and if you don’t need reminding, you can hide the message in the future).

Virtual forest

And finally our most exciting announcement – our virtual forests.

You can now access (and customise) your own virtual forest URL to see the trees you’ve planted, the future CO2 sequestration, and the working days you’ve generated.

Oh, and for the competitive ones among you, you can also unlock certain planting badges.

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