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The different ways businesses are planting trees (& offsetting their carbon emissions)

When we started MoreTrees, we wanted to make it easy for businesses take climate action automatically (or manually).

We envisaged businesses planting a tree for every order on Shopify, every paid invoice, or even every taxi ride.

What we didn’t expect was all the fun ways (and excuses) you’d come up with for planting trees.

Every day, we smile at the new and fun ways businesses are planting trees. Here are some of this month’s favourites:

Planting trees for Black Friday

Black Friday received a new name this year from personalised gift boutique Birdie Barn. Sarah at Birdie Barn planted a tree for every order received on Black Friday – turning it into its first ever Green Friday.

Planting trees for quiz prizes

2020 was the year of the quiz – only rather than taking place in a pub, most were conducted in comfies via Zoom. Taking advantage of this new-style quiz, Longhurst planted trees for their virtual pub quiz winner.

Planting trees for event attendees

While most companies’ festive drink plans went down the pan this Christmas, Growthdeck came up with an innovative way to host its annual festivities virtually. Alongside a festive drinks package delivered to every virtual attendee, they also planted a tree in their name to sequester future CO2 emissions.

Planting trees for Christmas

With most of the country still working from home, many Christmas cards will sit unread and unloved on the office door mat – but not all of them. Many of our partners planted trees in place of sending a physical Christmas card this year – spreading joy while helping the planet.

Planting trees for deliveries

And our final favourite – eCommerce fulfilment and storage experts Huboo have been planting trees for its eCommerce customers – helping make a more positive impact on a global scale.

Other tree planting projects and initiatives we’re supporting include planting trees to:

  • Welcome new clients
  • Say thank you to existing clients
  • Reward customers.

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