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Situated among the diverse landscapes of Africa, Rwanda captivates with its breathtaking scenery, vibrant communities and rich culture.

However, despite agriculture serving as the backbone of Rwanda’s economy, extensive farming and tree loss have resulted in significant soil erosion leading to devastating landslides and climate change impacts.

East Rwanda

Planting partner: Veritree

Site coordinated: -1.787441793, 30.50219836) 1°47'14.8"S 30°30'07.9"E

Forest type: Agroforestry

Tree species: 10+ including, Avocado, Alder, Spanish Cedar, and other shade trees

Planting seasons: October - November

CO2 Sequestration: 1.6 tonnes per tree

UN SDGs: 1 – No poverty, 2 – Zero hunger, 13 – Climate action, 15 – Life on land

In collaboration with One Acre Fund, the Rwandan Government and local farmers, this tree planting project champions sustainable agroforestry practices.

Smallholder farmers are equipped with the finance, skills and expertise to improve soil health and enhance climate resilience while alleviating hunger and poverty.

Rwanda Gallery

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