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My Green Christmas' mission is to ensure the environment is at the top of everyone’s minds, especially at Christmas. Their beautifully designed eco-friendly Christmas crackers and cards bring a touch of joy to the festive season, as well as containing the longlasting gift of flower or herb seeds that bring happiness long after Christmas is over.

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line drawing of a sapling


Eco-friendly Christmas cards

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Shopify & Zapier

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A tree for every £30+ order

A Green Christmas

My Green Christmas wanted to thank its customers for promoting a green Christmas, in a way that was green. They came across More Trees and immediately knew this was the perfect way to show they care for their customers just as much as they care for the planet. Through a quick integration via Zapier, My Green Christmas was able to automatically plant trees for any customer spending over £30, sending them a personalised email about their tree and about how much CO2 it will help sequester in the future.

This isn’t just a beautiful card for the fireplace or an interesting cracker for the Christmas table – it’s the gift of nature for family, friends, bees, butterflies and birds to enjoy all year round.

Christmas card writing

Planting trees to drive action Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to keep the environment at the top of your priorities during the festive season. For My Green Christmas, this was a way to turn eco-curious website visitors into eco-committed buyers, giving customers an extra reason to go green this Christmas. And, the initial response has been great. In just one night of activating their free tree offer, My Green Christmas planted 15 trees, which encouraged people to sign up to More Trees to see how they could pass the gift of a tree forward.

“Planting a tree for every order isn’t just about rewarding our customers or helping sequester CO2. It’s about planting trees to drive positive actions. If everyone we plant a tree for goes on to plant a tree for someone else as well as gifting seeds to plant in their own back garden or windowsill, imagine how great that would be for the environment.“

Christmas plate

Technical ease T’is the busiest season of all – especially for eCommerce. So, it was also important to My Green Christmas that they could sustain their tree planting promise easily. With the More Trees Zapier integration, My Green Christmas was able to automate tree planting for their customers.

Having Zapier automate the process for us, and then More Trees arrange for the actual tree planting has been fantastic. It really couldn’t be easier for everyone to help the planet this Christmas – which is good because this might be the last Christmas we can truly make a difference.

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To browse their stunning selection of seed Christmas cards and crackers and make a difference today, head to

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