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A tree planted for every install

EV Master believes eco-friendly travel starts with EV charger you install EV Master is one of the country's leading electric vehicle charger installers, which means they have a huge influence over just how environmentally-friendly travel can be. Aside from providing businesses, homeowners and local authorities with a greener way to travel, EV Master felt there was more it could do to protect the world we live in.



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A tree for every install

Sustainability from start to finish

While brainstorming ideas, co-founder Sally came up with the simple yet brilliant idea of planting a tree for every EV installation.

This is where Sally discovered More Trees and began EV Master’s journey towards planting a tree for every installation.

“Planting trees became the obvious solution and More Trees made that both possible and easy.

With the dashboard we can keep track of our tree planting stats and with the platform we can customise the message sent out our customers about their tree.

It creates that end-to-end journey for our customers – from enquiry right through to installation and making a positive impact on the planet for years to come. “

We’re passionate about environmentally friendly travel and making electronic vehicles easy and affordable for anyone to use and charge.

But we wanted to make a bigger impact than simply facilitating environmentally friendly travel – we wanted to ensure that we made a positive impact on the planet with every EV charger installation.

One tree: tonnes of benefits For EV Master, it’s not just the carbon sequestration that makes tree planting so attractive (although that’s a big plus). Every tree planted is one that supports ecosystems, creates jobs, nourishes the earth and generates an overall positive impact. And, with EV chargers being installed across the country, EV Master is helping the UK in its goal to reach net-zero by 2050.

Up and running And, the ease of More Trees meant that EV Master was up and running in no time.

The platform is so easy to sign up to, use and plant trees with, that there’s no excuse not to plant trees!

if you’d like to learn more about EV Master and their EV charger installations, head to

And, if you’d like to plant trees for your customers, sign up to more Trees or click below to learn more.

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