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The Philippines

The Philippines is a melting pot of cultures, landscapes and species. Its diverse habitats, tropical climates and geographical isolation provide the perfect setting for a wide range of plant and animal species; some found nowhere else in the world.

However, its status as a biological hotspot also makes the Philippines an area of significant conservation concern, with 76% of its forests being lost to industrial agriculture, mining and logging since the 1970s.

Working with Eden Reforestation, we aim to reverse this loss and plant for a greener future together with local communities.


Site coordinates: 8°26’31.4″N 124°34’43.1″E

Size: 1,360 Hectares

Planting partner: Eden Reforestation Project

Forest type: Tropical deciduous (Tectona Grandis, Pterocarpus Indicus, Cordia Myxa, Garuga Floribunda Decne and Shorea Contorta)

Working hand-in-hand with the local Canitoan and Pagatpat communities, this tree planting project is restoring tropical deciduous forest to help improve water retention, enhance biodiversity and counteract climate change.

What’s unique about this project is that by helping reforest this environmentally significant landscape, we’re also helping the Canitoan community receive legal title to the land, thanks to a 25-year agreement with the local government. This is therefore a project of significant environmental, cultural and economic benefits for the communities involved.

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