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As it stands, 81% of the Nepalese population live in rural areas, where countless communities depend on the forest for food, shelter, and income. 27 endangered mammal species also call Nepal’s forests their home.

Today, less than 30% of its original forests remain due to over-harvesting, forest fires, and agriculture. The effects of this deforestation are devastating for the local communities and wildlife.

Here at More Trees, our fundraising efforts support reforestation in the mountainous city of Pokhara.


Site coordinates: 27°46’14.03” N, 84° 5’33.87”E

Planting partner: Eden Reforestation Project

Forest type: Native (species include: Pinus patula, Rhododendron arboreum, and Cryptomeria japonica)

Pokhara is the second largest city in Nepal, known as the ‘gateway’ to the Himalayan Mountain range.

Launched in 2019, our partners began work in the Kaski District of Pokhara, consisting of several restoration areas in the city limits. This project aims to support local communities by bringing back the forest in this high-elevation municipality.

From January to June each year, our Nepal teams establish large native tree nurseries in preparation for restoration during the wet season from June to August.

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